Futerenergys is an eco-social enterprise specialising in clean and green sustainable development
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NimadiprojectNimmadi is a skills, training, mentoring and coaching required for the delivery of successful entrepreneurial programs in Agro-Ecology and Sustainable Development (SD) through cooperatives
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NCDMRprojectThe National Clean Development Mechanism Roadmap is a Project Management company which focuses on establishing the Green and Clean economy at all levels of the public sector, with an emphasis on provinces, municipalities and with communities partnering with municipalities.
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NihaliprojectInspiring freedom through legacy and leadership" - The NIHALI is a project management company which focuses on establishes the principles of sustainability at all levels of the public sector, with an emphasis on community development through “State of the Art ” and “Out of the Box” programs and projects.
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EcoconiprofileECOCONI is an eco-social enterprise dedicated to service the private and the public sector in partnership with communities in the ecological construction sector. South Africa is entering an era of scarcity concerning the use of construction materials.
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NihaliprojectNOPI assists communities in partnership with municipalities, enabling people to grow food and other commodities and to ensure their autonomy and self sufficiency within the context of the local markets.
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MEGAprojectMunicipal Energy Generation Assets is a technical, environmental and social project management company focusing on waste to energy and waste beneficiation in partnership with municipalities and communities.
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